About Us

    Cearsleg is the final word in Digital Marketing. We concentrate on Inbound Marketing which is a new concept of bringing potential customers to us. Digital Marketing includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Media Optimization, Online Campaigns, Business Lead Generation and other cost effective and promotional strategies of marketing.

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    The Entity

    The Entity

    CEARSLEG (CIN U72200KL2014PTC037695), is an International organization who enjoys a level playing field with many Digital Marketing agencies across the globe, under the constant guidance of our technical and management experts. Its technological hub is situated in India. Our business arms reach out to all corners of the world.

    CEARSLEG governs a policy to give maximum return to the trust bestowed upon us. Apart from finding solutions to your needs, we take it upon ourselves to train your resources to think like us, and become like us. In our company, your resources would shed all inhibition and begin to think and work as they were destined to do their best.

    The Chronicle

    The Chronicle

    CEARSLEG focuses on providing services in Digital Marketing, Business Lead Generation, Online Campaign, and E-Commerce for B2B, B2C and B2G sector, when the industry is rapidly expanding, with the entrant of new players with mettle our streamlined activities and quality deliverance, we are able to outwit many companies and create a separate niche for ourselves in the digital marketing sector.

    A plethora of satisfied clientele stands to reaffirm this success story of ours. With man power par excellence, and an uncompromising acumen for quality, our corporate juggernaut has ever been on the move and gaining speed.

    Business to Consumer (B2C)

    Cases with much shorter sales cycle, campaigns, optimizations due to the cost and nature of business with single decision objective or goal are categorized into CEARSLEG’s B2C business sector. Most of the local business campaigns, Event Driven Campaigns come under this category, here customer will have full privilege to define their campaign budget; as a result, the approach and internet marketing tactics mix needs tobe more relevant to the consumer vs the business buying experience.

    Understanding the factor Event Driven or Event based campaigns, competitions are tough CEARSLEG’s Cross Device and Multi-Platform support solutions generate remarkable result for our customers with their small campaign budget.

    Business to Business (B2B)

    In B2B sector CEARSLEG defines various marketing framework depending upon the client requirement. A team that leads with strategy, data and insight and follows through with compelling, results-focused execution. A partner who gets smart quickly about complex technologies, products and services and translates them into visibility-raising brand messaging. 

    Our current roster of technology clients are spread across in Travel, Education, Finance and E-commerce sectors. We complement and supplement internal marketing teams, helping raise visibility, showcase credibility and generate qualified leads. We satisfy a single decision maker or customer segment instead of multiple decision makers and influencers. 

    Business to Government (B2G)

    Digital media is revolutionizing the marketing landscape. Online, mobile, social, location-based new channels are emerging every day. Today, technology is the key and it is empowering marketers as never before.

    To meet the expectations of multiple government stakeholders in this challenging environment, governance needs to be nimble and effective; here is the actual significance of CEARSLEG association with KELTRON, Kerala Police Department and Government Labour Department,Kerala

    CEARSLEG has derived Digital Marketing solutions for various B2G  verticals,especially entities like corporations, autonomous bodies, service industries, production units, financial and banking sector and Academic institutions; we help achieve their marketing/ PR/ Branding efforts through process efficiencies, technology scalability, feature-rich business functionality, customized mapping with government functions at different levels of marketing and promotions  through web centric digital marketing tactics and analytics to enable planning and decision-making, finally to get the desired result with high Return on Investment (ROI) factors.

    The Status quo

    The Status quo

    CEARSLEG is currently engaged in Digital Marketing & E-commerce areas. We have Technology analysis wing and research wing, catering to the multinational requirements of wide spectrum clientele.

    Our activities focus on global market; we have successfully implemented lead generation plans to turnkey projects for various business verticals they are in Travel, tourism, E-trading, entertainment, education, election and political campaigns etc.

    CEARSLEG corporate office is strategically located in Trivandrum with highly competent and experienced team members, imparting solutions using concurrent and futuristic algorithms, in tandem with the dynamic requirements of the industry.

    CEARSLEG is one of the Google authorized agency for Campaign, Search and Display advertisings.

    The Mission

    The Mission

    Our mission is to help entities and people those who are in businesses,professionals or celebrities or anyone would like to build their brand or promote their business through right prospects. The objective of CEARSLEG is to provide ultimate solutions in Digital Marketing and Lead Generation areas; especially in Online PR, Reputation Management, Branding and E Commerce sector for different business verticals through effective research and study.

    Quality Policy

    Quality Policy

    CEARSLEG Technologies Pvt. Ltd.endeavors to bestow preeminent service to its customers with emphasis on continuous improvement, proper remedial action, and preventive maintenance programs, with the goal of achieving total stake holder gratification. CEARSLEG assures uncompromising quality across all area of its operation, complying with all applicable regulatory requirements. CEARSLEG Management & Staff are equally keen to ensure customer satisfaction in best possible manner, this pursued through our Process Management System and its effective implementation.

    We closely monitor our business process and ensure that the adopted Policies and Practices are well understood by all concerned staff. Moreover, we review our Policies and Practices periodically to ensure their adequacy, suitability and to access possible improvements when and where required. We adopt ISO 90003 against 19011 audit standards.

    Our activities focus on global market

    We have successfully implemented lead generation plans to turnkey projects for various business entities they are in Travel, Tourism, E trading, Entertainment, Education etc.

    We have Technology analysis wing and research wing, catering to the multinational requirements of wide spectrum clientele.