How to choose your Digital Marketing Agency..?

    Digital Marketing Agency

    Digital Marketing Agency


    Digital Marketing is today’s trend and every futuristic company is having one or other digital marketing agency working for them, but the real question is if these agencies who sprang up like mushrooms are addressing the real concerns of their clients, it comes as a surprise when most of the campaigns or activities fail to live up to the expectations of the clients or the promises given.

    As a marketing consultant, when am speaking with clients, everyone mentioning that they are having a digital marketing agency working for them and only few are so much excited about the agency and a big chunk of them are either not aware of the results or having a shady response, several clients who are investing heavily on Digital Marketing also come with comments such us:

    • They bring us on the first page of Google, but not sure if it did anything for my business.
    • Measurable results are not seeing as per the investment done.
    • Tangible results are not showing as per the given promises.
    • I feel more confident in the traditional marketing.
    • Now I am going to do campaigns directly to save cost.

    On the onset, it’s high time to think what went wrong, if the Digital Marketing agency is not professional enough to handle your case or you are not investing your part with the agency or the whole strategy developed was not right for your type of services. However investing time and money with a wrong Digital Marketing Agency is not only an economy loss but you will tend to move away from the concept of Digital Marketing itself.

    Finding the right Digital Marketing is the key for your business success and that decision should not be an impulsive one, rather you should have a clear understanding on your needs, your target results and who is professional enough to make you achieve your organizational goals.

    It’s vital to understand how effectively the Digital Marketing Agency could mix the three major attributes for getting effective results, which are Marketing, Technology and Psychological.

    However, Digital Marketing will be the backbone in all type of promotional activities in the future and your success will be in identifying the right digital marketing agency for your business.

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    Author:  Dr. Girish Krishnan, Management /Strategy Consultant & Mentor

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