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7 Best AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

7 Best AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

7 best AI marketing tools to grow your business

In 2023, Artificial Intelligence has become a major game-changer in the tech world, particularly in digital marketing. Companies are heavily investing in AI marketing tools to enhance their operations. These tools cover various tasks like customer support, crafting personalized offers, and analyzing customer data. The goal is to make marketing more efficient and gain a competitive edge.

For marketers, the workload can be overwhelming. Moreover, they are dealing with multiple tasks. Luckily, the launch of AI tools makes their lives and daily business tasks easier. These tools help to manage their daily tasks, optimize marketing efforts, and enhance both quality and creativity. Also, it generates marketing content or improves Return on Ad Spend. These AI tools can significantly boost business performance. So, by embracing these tools, marketers can streamline their processes and achieve better results. Let's find out some AI marketing tools for a successful marketing strategy.


Jasper is an all-in-one AI tool for writers. It offers a variety of output options. It stands out as an advanced AI technology, combining GPT-3 with its own proprietary LLM trained specifically on live marketing and sales content. This unique blend makes Jasper a compelling choice for those seeking a diverse type of content.

One of Jasper's standout features is its integration with Surfer SEO, allowing users to generate content based on Surfer's NPL SEO data. This makes it a valuable tool for creating long-form content optimized for ranking high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Jasper offers a user-friendly experience with features like Jasper Chat, resembling a ChatGPT-style interface, making content creation familiar and accessible. Additionally, Jasper Art enables the generation of images based on simple text prompts.

In the realm of AI writing services, Jasper has gained significant popularity and success by providing superior AI writing compared to others that use a more simplistic approach with the GPT-3 API. It's particularly beneficial for content writers and communication specialists dealing with substantial weekly content volumes (exceeding 4000 words). In essence, Jasper is a powerful tool for marketers, offering a comprehensive solution for content creation and optimization.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a top-notch AI tool that examines search engine result pages (SERPs) for specific keywords. It compares your content with the insights gained from high-ranking pages to ensure your content aligns with the best-performing articles. This analysis includes aspects like semantic NPL terms, content length, and the number of images.

One standout feature is the ability to customize SERPs based on specific countries, allowing you to tailor your content for a local audience. Surfer SEO goes beyond basic analysis by letting you create content briefs and outlines based on a thorough examination of competitor content.

The tool also features Grow Flow, which continuously monitors your website for changes in published content. It identifies content decay and quick opportunities for improvement. This makes Surfer SEO an ideal choice for website managers and content editors looking to significantly enhance the quality of their content. Editors can create detailed briefs and outlines to guide writers, providing more chances for success. In simple terms, Surfer SEO is a valuable asset for those aiming to boost organic traffic and improve content quality.


Ocoya is a comprehensive AI tool designed specifically for social media managers. While platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite have simplified content scheduling across social channels, Ocoya takes it a step further as a major solution. It combines a visual post creator, an AI writing assistant, and content scheduling tools in a single platform.

Key features of Ocoya include AI-driven social media content creation. It has a diverse library of templates for posting images, and it can schedule posts seamlessly across different social platforms from one central dashboard. For businesses involved in e-commerce, Ocoya also offers integrations to create marketing assets focused on products. With these tools, Ocoya aims to enhance creative output for managing social channels. Ocoya supports posting on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok.

The AI writer within Ocoya follows social media copywriting with best practices, making it effective in crafting posts with just a bit of guidance. In simpler terms, Ocoya is a powerful tool that streamlines social media management, making it more efficient and creative for businesses and social media managers alike.


Grammarly is a fantastic AI-powered editing platform that helps marketers feel confident about publishing content without worrying about pesky typos. The free version is handy for basic spelling and grammar checks, but Grammarly's paid plans take things to the next level. It goes beyond simple corrections, it can rephrase, rewrite, and restructure entire sentences, showcasing a level of sophistication that would impress even your teacher.

Key features of Grammarly include basic grammar and spell-checking, with the bonus of a plagiarism checker for users on paid plans. It provides real-time suggestions, helping you learn from common mistakes as you write.

This tool is perfect for marketers, regardless of their specialization. Grammarly offers powerful suggestions across all your applications, ensuring clarity and readability in everything you write. Whether it's social media content, email campaigns, internal Slack messages, or more, Grammarly enhances professionalism in your communication. So, Grammarly is an essential AI tool that elevates the quality of written content across various platforms.



If you want your social media posts to gain attention, consider various graphic design tools like Canva. These tools can handle the nitty-gritty details, freeing you to focus on creating content that connects with your audience.

One excellent tool for beginners is Canva. It has a wide range of templates for various purposes, like LinkedIn carousels, Instagram Stories, posts, etc. Canvas's drag-and-drop editing feature makes it easy to customize designs, there are plenty of other interesting features. The magic design feature is available for free and uses AI to suggest design templates based on your image or idea. This will save your time and effort.

If Canva doesn't suit your needs, there are other graphic design tools to explore. Adobe Express is another option, and it also uses AI to assist in creating visually appealing content for social media.


ManyChat is a popular tool for AI chatbots, known for its great features. It's user-friendly and smartly designed for sales and marketing purposes. ManyChat is mainly for Facebook Messenger, but it also supports Instagram Direct.  The best part is that you don't need to understand how to code. It claims that users can set up the bot in 20 minutes.


Customers.ai is a tool that helps businesses manage their marketing chat content effortlessly. It lets you create chatbots on various platforms with a user-friendly interface. With features like a unified chat inbox and integration options, it's easy to scale any marketing campaign. Additionally, they provide InstaChamp, a useful chatbot specifically designed for businesses on Instagram.

AI tools for marketing

AI-powered marketing

Machine learning and AI marketing tools play a crucial role in business. Companies have been using technology for years to enhance their processes and they get useful insights to boost revenue. However, in today's digital world, using the best AI marketing tools is not just a luxury. It's a necessity.

The above-mentioned AI tools can provide many benefits. Try them and watch your business grow. It’s crucial to use these AI marketing tools to build a strong and future-oriented brand that can thrive for years.


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