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We are one of the top Digital Marketing Company / Advertising Agency in Kerala, providing a wide range of Digital Marketing Services in varied niches.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and Search Engine Result Page ( SERP ) Ranking

Through effective optimization tactics, your business information will be displayed in search results as in the form of Knowledge Graph and Featured Snippets. We provide advanced SEO services.

Online Reputation Management ( ORM )

Suppress Streisand Effect, canonical issues, Search Engine Manipulation Effect ( SEME ) and eliminates bad reputation news and links through Astroturfing tactics.

Social Media Campaigns

Effective Social Media Optimization ( SEO ) and Optimized Display Ads ( ODA ) will ensure more reach and leads to your business. Social media marketing campaigns including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Video Promotions etc

Search and Display Advertising

New advertising features with Google Ads (PPC Ads)  like Display Campaign Optimization ( DCO), Optimized Remarketing List for Search Ads ( RLSA ), Cross Device Conversions ( CDC ), Universal App Campaigns ( UAC ), Expandable Text Ads ( ETA ), Rich Media Ads ( RMA ), Light Box Ads ( LBA ), Multiple Call-to-Action ( MCTA ) and Gmail Sponsored Promotions ( GSP ) help to drive more prospective customers to your business.

Business Landing Pages & Website Development

Persona attribute integrated landing pages with effective Call-to-Action ( CTA ) feature act as a 24×7 customer service executive, and full websites for businesses based on WordPress Website development platform including E commerce website development.

Online PR and Branding

Creates an unique image of your product or services, for Politicians, Celebrities and Professionals. An integrated Online PR and Branding solution plays a major role in building their online recognition.

Online Election Campaigns

Voter persona based frame-work helps to attract more people t your campaign information, integrated metadata schemas and Resource Description Frame-work attribute ( RDFa ) plays a major role here.

Video Production & Banner Creation

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A New Dimension in Digital Marketing and Online Lead Generation – “We redefine your marketing plans with advanced Digital Marketing Tactics through defined KPIs and ROI factors.”

CEARSLEG is governed by a single idea – to give maximum return to the trust bestowed upon us. Apart from finding solutions to your needs, we take it upon ourselves to train your resources to think like us, and become like us. In our company, your resources would shed all inhibition and begin to think and work as they were destined to- to their best. CEARSLEG Digital Marketing and Lead Generation services are long lasting and result is superlative in every respect !!!

Generate more leads and customers through our Smarketing Plan…

We help you to reach more customers through Folksonomy based collaborative tagging, tested each stage of your business development process.

Advanced technology integration and tested algorithm ensures you more lead….

What we offer through CEARSLEG inbound marketing tactics?

  • Define your Buyer Persona through research and bucket findings
  • Define SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound) revenue objectives
  • Define KPI and ROI parameters for your business
  • Identifying right prospects for your business
  • Generating potential Leads for your business
  • Implement customer retention tactics
  • Take steps to improve Marketing Grade at each stage of your business after 3 months
  • Finally, you can find significant increase in leads of 30% or more (maximum 100)
  • And Marketing Grader will be of observable rank 60 minimum
  • 60% more potential lead is assured at the end of 9th Month

Advantages of CEARSLEG Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Customer can monitor the outcome(New leads generated) at every stages
  • Results are long lasting
  • Cost effective business plans
  • Demography based continuous analysis ensures more potential leads
  • We work in parallel with your existing ATL, BTL and TTL plans through The Husting , Specific Search and segmentation methods; generates better ROIs

Kick Start your business development plan with CEARSLEG Digital Campaign Strategy

Generate long lasting adequate result in a short span of time…

CEARSLEG Digital Marketing plan acts as a pipeline to attract right prospects for your business; we achieve this through KPIs and ROI factors defined specifically for you; we verify, segment, audit and analyse each stage of the Marketing life cycle based on your requirement specifications. Our marketing tactics associated with a particular objective can easily be changed for certain conditions like advanced keyword filtering, de-duplication, remarketing requirements, redefining business annotations, change in analytics preferences, and a variety of others.

Effectiveness of our Lead Generation effort though web and mobile devices are enriched with the augmented reality integrated with our strategic Marketing plan and our clientele can monitor the result of our effort at any point of time. Leads are analysed and differentiated based on demography and among other criteria identified through our bucket finding process.

Data are frequently added to the overall lead solution algorithm, from brand requests or change in buyer habits; understanding the need of our clients we implement and measure marketing campaigns time to time.

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Cearsleg Technologies Digital Marketing
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+91 90725 72101

Cearsleg Technologies Digital Marketing
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